Purchase Information

Delivery Details

The majority of products are available for immediate shipping, however for items which are physically large or need to be dispatched from a separate warehouse prior to final destination shipping, there may be a lead time between ordering and the goods shipping. In such cases you will be informed of shipping times at the time of placing your order on the retail site as part of the checkout and order confirmation process.

Returns Policies

Most products are returnable on a no-quibble basis provided that either they are faulty or incorrect, or that they have not been used and are returned in the original packaging. For return of unwanted items (ie items which are not faulty) there may be a re-stocking fee and a collection fee at the retailer's discretion. You should always check the retailer's returns policy prior to ordering. Your statutory rights will remain in place with regards to distance selling in all cases.

Customer Services

All the retail outlets on this website have a customer services department. In case of any problems, queries or complaints these should be addressed directly to the relevant customer services department, the details of which will be on your order confirmation or on the retailer's website.

Products on this Website

The products listed on this website are provided by third-party retailers and are available to purchase directly from the featured store. The prices shown are updated automatically from the retail stores own price lists and will reflect the current price, however there may be exceptions when a product price has been altered outside of our regular update times and may appear differently on the retail site.